PHP web development – Best practices and tips for 2015

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Follow these basic PHP web development pactices and tips in 2015:

Go with the latest version
In order to avoid damaging your PHP ecosystem it is important to get rid of the legacy support system. No matter what idea you are working with, always make it your practice to go with the latest version and technique. Even if your client suggests you to use the older version explain him the negative consequences that would become unavoidable in future.

Keep away from out dated hosts
Always go for the latest options as per your requirement. Make sure you select a VPS that offers you with the privacy that helps in restricting you to land on shared hosts. Instead of landing on shared hosts it is better to set up your own server from scratch.

Accept HTTPS
Today encryption is a must for your website as it helps to restrict to snoop into your site and also helps in protecting the user’s information. Theft of data or leakage of information is increasing day by day so it is important for users to have a secured and safe socket layer implemented even on simplest of sites.

Protect your PHP
It is advised to protect your PHP through password protection, generation, validation and encryption. Follow the guidelines properly and secure your PHP form any error.

PHP best practices 2015

Stay on the right way
Use the right platform that meets the needs of PHP project meeting application. PTRW is the best open platform where you may get data and information on all the resources and find the most effective way for PHP web development more easily.

Shun Bad Packages
Avoid the vulnerable packages that create a block in developing the latest version of PHP. You may check your project vulnerability by posting your composer. Lock file to their API web interface or you may get the CLI tool for checking it.

Always use vagabond to run cloned under sized files and simple virtual machines that help in processing through ports inside the machine. This allows you to utilize the IDE and hosts browser without facing any pause or interventions. With this it is possible to host virtual machine with safety and security.

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