How to start your career as professional PHP & ASP.NET Developers

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One of the major perplexing decisions that individuals come across during the selection of their professional career as a developer is that which way to go either for PHP or ASP.NET because both have their own benefits and limitations. Choosing one is altogether a major task that depends upon the financial budget, technical skills of the individual and past knowledge related to the field.

Here are some of the features of PHP and ASP.NET which helps you to choose your program:

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)

It is one of the well known scripting languages that have high compatibility features for the web development. It helps to improve the overall look and functionality of the web pages ensuring more attention by the users. In addition to that it is easily embedded into HTML.

There are various merits of PHP website development and a few of these merits are discussed below:

  • It is an open source language that is easily downloaded with paying any cost for license.
  • It is cross platform compatible that supports major operating systems including Mac, windows or Linux.
  • Codes of HTML easily get embedded within this programming language.
  • Scripts written in PHP perform much quicker than the scripts written in other languages for instance, ASP and JSP.
  • It is search engine friendly and provides notable functionality of database management.


Considering the changing needs in the industry, Microsoft has developed a new scripting language called ASP.NET that assists in creating active applications and web pages. ASP.NET provides the complete solution to the individuals who are excited to create websites for their online businesses.

Some of the benefits of ASP.NET are:

  • It provides supports to those programs that are driven by event
  • It has the ability to refresh the data from the cache
  • It possess the capability to modify the content on the web
  • It easily detects the modifications in codes and meets the future request

Nowadays, thousands of website development companies are recruiting professional PHP and ASP.NET developers for their firms. However, before taking on the responsibility of all the duties in a website development company it is necessary for the individuals to get the right training from a professional institute in order to enhance their technical skills that are needed to successfully meet your company goals and objectives within the stipulated time frame.

Which institute offers these courses?

NIST is the best professional training institute which offers both PHP and ASP.NET courses that help students to progress in their professional life and enhances your career to a different level. At NIST students get practical exposure to the industry by working as an intern at ITSec (UK-based software house).

So, what are you waiting for? Come and enroll yourself at NIST to enhance your technical skills and start your professional career with a bang! For further queries call us at 021-37130092.

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