Welcome to NIST - National Institute of Skilled Training

NIST is one of the leading institutes in providing skilled education and professional careers to the youth of Pakistan. We believe in developing expert skills in each individual and providing them a solid head start in their professional career. We don't just provide education, we provide jobs!

At NIST, we have a battalion of expert instructors and trainers who have years of experience in their respective fields.

At The NIST, we always keep us ahead of the current and upcoming trends in the job market. All our courses and trainings are the ones highly in demand in any professional environment all around the world. We believe in constantly updating our courses and trainings as per industry needs.

We give Internship and Job

The best part about NIST (National Institute of Skilled Training) is that, it not only provides quality skilled education but also provides internships to all the students enrolled with us at the end of each course or training.

NIST is one of the leading institutes in providing skilled education and professional careers to the youth of Pakistan. We believe in developing expert skills in each individual and providing them a solid head start in their professional career. We don't just provide education,

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I found NIST environment highly suitable and open for learning. I am highly satisfied with the studies.
Teachers are cooperative
and friendly. I
have gained in-depth
knowledge for future
career-oriented life.
I am very happy that
NIST gave me the
opportunity to join
its software house
after the course completion.

Hassam Nazeer
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It was way beyond my expectations. From staff to studies, everything was satisfactory. Providing
Internships is very
encouraging &
I am proud to be

Sohail Danish
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The journey of NIST was a complex
combination of many experiences, challenges & learning. I found this
journey very beneficial for
me and my career; it
paved me a way and
showed me
what my ambition is.
It is 100% true
that NIST is really
the national institute of
providing quality
education and boosting career growth.

Danish Amanullah
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I wasn’t aware of NIST as an institute before joining it as a student. The name was unheard of. Now, after completing my course and
gaining the opportunity
of internship in its own
software house, I am
referring NIST to other
students as well.
For me, this is the
best institute for

Majid Maqbool
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The course I enrolled myself for, provided me with a wonderful experience and exposure in multimedia designing.
NIST really helped me
to learn and gave me
opportunity of
internship to project
myself in professional
world.I for sure
encourage anyone
interested in skilled
training to sign up
with NIST

Marium Ehtesham
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The environment of NIST is very welcoming and friendly for new students. The best thing about NIST
is that they give us a
chance to show our
skills in IT field.

Faiza Hasan Niazi
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My experience with NIST was very good. I liked the environment of institute which made me very
comfortable at studies.
The best thing about
this institute is
that they polish the
skills of students
very well.

Samreen Saeed

It was a very nice experience studying at NIST. The learning environment is so satisfactory that I will ask my friends too to join NIST for professional training. The cooperation of my teacher Sir Salman was very good and the way of his teaching was excellent.

Rabie Saeed

NIST is a platform where we learn more and more every day. The environment is professional and teachers are very cooperative. I really had a good experience at NIST and would happily recommend it to other students who are looking for a professional institute for their
career growth.

Shehryar Abbas

It was great experience being a part of NIST. Everyone here is so helpful; from our trainers to other staff members. The best part of NIST is that they trained us professionally, polished our skills and built our confidence so we can work in any organization confidently. I am proud to be NISTian.

Nida Roshan

Learning was very easy in the way trainer conducted. Working on additional projects became possible after completing the course. I would like to recommend others for the same course as things were made very clear and understandable.

M. Talha Qureshi

Trainer taught us so well that I got my course completed in 4 months. My internship experience was too good. I gained much experience by working with the senior team members who guided me very well throughout. Internship is very helpful for students as they get to know how to work as a professional
Web Designer.

M. Ahmed Qadri

In beginning I had no idea about Photoshop and now I have good command on it. When I had started my course, I became little negative about my teacher who told me to complete 360 design. But then I took my first step with full determination due to the 100% support of my teacher and then only after half
of the week, I
was able
to design.

Israr Ali Khan

My experience at NIST was very good. The environment is very friendly and supportive for each student. I have gained very comprehensive knowledge of SEO during my training which enabled me to achieve a position in one of leading online stores of Pakistan.

Faisal Waqas

In the beginning I was nil but after completing my course and the internship, I have complete knowledge of Asp.net development. Administration to teachers, everyone was very cooperative. Special thanks to Ma’am Amna and Sir Yaseen who gave me full
support during
the course.

Ezzat Gul

I had great experience at NIST and would like to become a part of NIST to build my career. In future I will not lose any chance of learning which will help me in my future. Admin, teacher and environment is outstanding.

Asif Ali Sheikh

Graphic Designing course was quite good and I learnt many new things. This course developed passion in me towards this field. Overall it was good experience. I wish to be hired here as the environment is too good.

Arisha Shahid

It was a fabulous experience. I learned a lot more than I expected. Sir Salman is one of the best teachers I ever had. His teaching style, examples & passion towards profession lead me towards success. When I would be skilled enough, I will love to work for this
brilliant institute.

Abdur Rehman

Studying at NIST was an outstanding experience for me. Every staff member remained very helpful throughout which made it easier for me to learn Web Designing. Teachers are highly experienced so they explain every topic very nicely with daily life examples.


It was a great learning experience for me because I did not only improve myself but learned professional tips and techniques. Overall my experience was quite amazing and joyful at NIST. Thanks for such a nice facility to gain knowledge and experience.

Akhtar Ali

The environment in NIST was so peaceful. Cooperation of trainers as well as admin is more appreciable. During Internship the seniors were more friendly and cooperative as well. I want to say special thanks to Sir Zohaib Ali who helped me to increase my skills.

Sharafat Ali

It was more than average. I learnt much more during the course and got great work experience during internship. It was really good experience at NIST

Nuzhat Jahan

I had a great time at NIST.I have learnt so many things here that will be helpful for me in future. I will suggest my friends to join NIST.

Umair Aziz

It was great journey with NIST and ITSec. I have learned well and I have enjoyued the friendly environment in ITSec.

Bilal Qureshi

Initially I was doubtful about the course; whether I would learn in detail or not but gradually it became clear that I have selected the right institute for the course. I really enjoyed learning here. I would like to Thank NIST and my course instructor for this wonderful experience.

Shakir Durrani

Before coming to NIST, I had no knowledge about developing website but now I am able to do projects. I am working at ITSec and overall it was good experience going with NIST.

Tabish Javed

My experience at NIST was good. I gained more and more knowledge during the course and also learned how to use this information while working in any organization..

Faraz Khan

It was really nice experience working and learning at NIST. I did not have any idea about graphic designing. I had started from scratch but now I can design anything easily just because of NIST. The faculty is out class at NIST.

Aqib Zia

My experience at NIST was very good. I spent good time with teachers and class mates. Teachers were well educated and experienced. The discipline and care of student is appreciable.

Danish Rafi
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