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Google Analytics

Analytics is essential for you to learn whether you have your own business website or running one for your organization. This helps you know about your visitors and how the content of your website is performing. Google Analytics is the industry standard to track and measure your site traffic which helps improving your business performance. This course will guide you from setting up an account to interpreting results, creating goals and using option and dimensions to reach deeper.


Minimum O-levels or equivalent

Program Objectives

This program enables students to:

  • Understand Google Analytics data and reports
  • Recognize the role and importance of conversion optimization
  • Track all types of conversion in Google Analytics
  • Run advanced reports and analysis in Google Analytics
  • Understand the ways in which conversion optimization can improve their website.

Duration of Course

  • The duration of the Course is 5 Days; 3 hours a day

Fee Structure

  • Registration charges: Rs. 1500/-
  • Course Fee: Rs. 12000/- (Lump Sum)

* 10% discount on admission of 2 or more persons

Course Roadmap

The course is spread over a total period of 5 weeks. During this period, students are required to complete theory and practical work comprising of 15 credit hours.

Course Assessment

Students will submit assignments to the trainers on a regular basis and a final project will be assigned at the end of the course to assess the student’s overall understanding of the course.

Awards & Certificates

Upon the successful completion of this course, you will receive a Completion Certificate by NIST.

For Registration:

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