Which career to choose: Graphic Design OR Web Design?

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Do you think out of the box and provide creative solutions?

Do your friends look up to you for ideas on designing or ask for your help in creating unique visuals?

If so, working in that particular field will provide you an opportunity to turn your ideas and concepts into reality and take your career to the next level. Moreover, it gives you immense satisfaction to earn salary for something that you are passionate about.

Under the umbrella of design industry there are numerous artists and experts working in this field. However, there are distinctive differences in the designing field and it is necessary to understand the differences as it helps to determine what type of career you would like to pursue.

If you are looking to turn your innovate ideas into reality with the help of technology, you will possibly find yourself in a difficult situation to make a choice between web design and graphic design. It is necessary for the individual to have a complete knowledge and understanding of both field in order to determine which field best suits their skills and aptitude. Before selecting the field, it is important for the individual to conduct a research because it will help individual to select the right field and prepare them for success in the long run.

For your ease we have mentioned essential point’s related to both career paths.

What does a graphic designer do?
The main job of a graphic designer is to create unique and creative visuals to promote or fulfill the commercial needs such as packaging or visual identities.
Skills needed

    Adobe creative suite
    Marketing materials
    Concept development
    Type setting
    Art Direction

What does a web designer do?
The responsibility of a Web designer is to create and modify all the features of a website including graphics, content, performance and capacity.
Skills needed

    Web application development
    User Interface design

So it is essential to conduct a research and make sure that you are capable enough to perform the duties efficiently. Salary is not the only factor on which you should make decision because you will be working 35 plus hours per week into this job so must have to enjoy what you are doing and should be satisfied with your job.
You should get in touch with industry professionals to gain insight because their thoughts come straight from their experience in the particular field. Their thoughts will give you a better idea of which career option is best according to your skills and aptitudes.

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