6 Keyword Research Mistakes You Might Make

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A proper keyword research is the essential step in every SEO strategy. It is necessary to think about the right keywords that help your website rank as high as possible if not at the top position. It can be a very daunting task to figure out the right keywords for your website.
So, there are some keyword research mistakes that you might be making and avoiding these mistakes will help you to set up a significant keyword research strategy.


Let’s analyze 6 keyword research mistakes that you might be making:

  1. Improper Execution Of Keyword Research

An effective keyword research is a very tough job. You might think that you know your target audience very well and you don’t require extensive keyword research. Never make this mistake!
Take some time to understand your target audience and figure out what language they use. What are the most common words they use? And what terms do they search for mostly? Once done it is absolutely essential to update your keyword search regularly.

  1. Targeting Keywords That Are Unrealistic

It is important to target realistic keywords. Some target markets are very competitive. To get your website ranking on the top position in that particular target market is somewhat difficult. So, you should not aim for those competitive keywords rather you should focus on targeting long tail keywords. These long tail keywords have more chances for higher ranking and conversion, not only that but they will save you money and time getting them promoted and the potential is for much greater reward.

  1. Usage Of Irrelevant Keywords

It is important that the keywords you are targeting to rank for should be the same keywords that your target audience uses. Always use the keywords that your target audience use and search for. Using irrelevant keywords won’t get you much traffic for the website and is a waste of time.

  1. Not Taking Into Account Conversions

Suppose a keyword has generated good search volume, that doesn’t mean you have succeeded in your job because the keyword might not promote the higher chances of conversion. Increase in the search volume is always good but the keyword should have the ability to convert the traffic into customers.

  1. Not Considering Local Keywords

One of the most essential things that you might tend to overlook is the importance of local keywords. If you have a business in a specific region then it is important to ensure that you use the keywords that are popular in that particular region. If you are only using the keywords that are famous in other regions it may not work and will be of no use particularly if you have a great reputation locally but are unknown on a national scale.

  1. Failing To Evaluate

If you have a goal to land your keywords on the top position, then it is essential to evaluate and check whether you have succeeded. It is important to evaluate regularly and work hard to make your keywords rank in a better position.
Avoid all these mistakes and prepare an effective SEO strategy that helps to improve the ranking and convert the traffic into customers.

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