Tips To Make a Good Impression at Your Interview

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You have always wanted those special tips that would help you to make a better first impression against other applicants. Therefore we have outlined six special tips that help you to present yourself in the right light.
So, always check out and remember these tips before you head into your next interview.


  1. Make Sure you Show Up On Time

The first and foremost rule to impress your employer is to always show up on time. If you are running late then make a call and let your interviewer know. An interviewer will definitely appreciate it much more than putting up a lame excuse after you got there.

  1. Dress Professionally

When going for an interview it is vital to dress appropriately. It is not mandatory that your dressing will influence the interviewer’s final decision but it plays an important role in how you are first perceived. Thus, always show up in a clean and neatly pressed suit with a resume or portfolio.

  1. Be Polite To The Receptionist

While entering the office greet the receptionist and ask politely about where the interview is being conducted. The person in the reception may not be the interviewer but in some companies they are asked to report back about the candidate’s behavior when they come through the door for an interview.

  1. Put Your Phone Away

We all have a habit of pulling out our smartphones anytime we have to wait. So make sure when you are waiting in the lobby for your turn, don’t pull out your phone. Rather, take that time to look over your resume and prepare yourself to convey the right information. Just before the interview make sure the phone is either on silent or turned off.

  1. Be Well-Organized

To create a good impression, it is also vital that you should be well-organized and everything readily accessible. When your interviewer asks for your resume, you should be able to quickly pull out the documents. The lesser time taken to access documents, the better the chance of creating a good impression.
Don’t show yourself up as disorganized by pulling out phone chargers, candy wrappers and other accessories when you dig through your bag.

  1. Make the First Move

When you head into the interview room, make the first move and extend your hand for that introductory handshake. This small gesture will convey a message that you are interested and excited at the same time to be there. Deal with the interview with a show of confidence and convince the interviewer that you are the right fit for the position.

It is important to note that these special tips alone may not win you the job; however, these tips can certainly create a good impression and gets you that little bit closer to your dream position.

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