Alternative careers for burnt-out IT Workers

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Have you lost interest in the IT field or find yourself out of work due to recession in the industry?

No issues, you can still find a satisfactory job because of your talent in an alternative career. Here are some our suggestions:


Stock Equity Analysts
Young professionals of IT industry who are inclined to solve complex problems and are logical thinkers and keep themselves up to date with the market trends can easily switch their career as a financial analyst. These young professionals will analyze the market trend and locate the profitable investment in various industries and segments. They can lend their expertise to the firm and the potential clients.

The education system lacks professional faculties and coaches who are willing to go an extra mile to help their students. Young workers of IT should enter the field of education and prepare students to learn and give them the knowledge that helps them to grow in their career. Providing practical knowledge will help students to groom and develop skills that are necessary for their career.

Insurance Underwriter
Another career alternative for burnt-out IT workers includes working as an insurance underwriter. Under this profession they have to assess the risk and decide whether the applications for insurance cover should be rejected or accepted. The acceptance and rejection of the application depends on various factors so they have to keenly observe those factors and take the right decision. On this job their primary goal is to minimize the loss and help company to make more profits.

Help Desk Administrator
For Stressed out IT workers, the job of help desk administrator is the right alternative career option. The individual will be responsible for providing support and needs to communicate with the staff and clients in order to receive updates on the tasks. They have the potential and genuine desire to please their clients and solve the issues which is why it is the best option for them.

Lastly, writing is another career alternative for the IT worker. Due to innovation of various software and hardware the demand of writing has been increased. These young professional will have to write the manuals that are outdated. The computer world requires good writer to write the manuals for their software and hardware. If individuals have good writing skills then they can write for different blogging websites or work as content writer for the reputable companies.

This is just a short list of alternative career options and there plenty of options for the IT workers that they can bank on depending on the skills and expertise. What career option you think might be suitable? Share your thoughts in the below comments

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