Why it is so Important to have a Good Resume?

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The significance of a well composed and error-free Resume can’t be emphasized enough. A Resume is a channel for marketing yourself, it is the initial step in which you present yourself in front of the employer and persuade them that you have all the potential skills that employer is looking for.

It is important to know that a good and professional resume is your career track record, which enhances over the timeframe, during your career, therefore keep altering and improving it after its first draft and try to forward different versions for different job descriptions.

It takes usually 10-15 seconds for an employer to screen your job application letter or resume before selecting the candidate for an interview. So, it is essential to create your first impression more effectively on that piece of paper.

A well-written resume will help individuals to get shortlisted for the job post. For that it is vital to spend a considerable amount of time focusing on writing a professional resume. The tone of voice, style, font, layout and language is equally important to consider while drafting your initial resume.

You should always address the main selection criteria for the job that you are applying for. Each job application has different requirements so it is important that each resume should be tweaked differently for every job. Creating different versions helps you ensure that you focus on the main selection criteria and core skills required by the company.

A professional resume is one that includes accurate facts, including employment dates, education, job titles, skills possessed and achievements during the job tenure. The writing in the resume should be to the point, concise and succinct. Furthermore, it should reflect your qualities and professional experiences.

Your professional resume acts as your friend, if it is well-written. If not, it could create a bad impression and you might lose that opportunity. You have complete control so try to use it your advantage. Never try to falsify the information and ensure that your first impression is a deep and positive one.

A well-crafted and professionally presented resume helps an individual to get shortlisted for the interview. Therefore, it makes sense to spend a considerable amount of time in thinking and writing a professional and tailored resume for each job application.

So, how do you want to be remembered when posting your resume? Dumb and unorganized or a professional and experienced applicant?

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