7 Deadly Sins of Web Design

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Deadly Sins Web

An attractive website is a must for every company, but it is not necessary that one must focus only on the appealing factors to hook the attention of the users. Your website is one of the main marketing elements which promotes your business across the globe and for that you have only one chance to create a good impact on the minds of target audience.

Many websites are created with rookie design mistakes that’s not something that any business or brand can afford. Here are 7 deadly sins of web design that can easily be avoided.

  1. Using small font size

Users basically skim and scan the content on the web so using small font size creates a bad impression and makes it difficult for the users to read the content. It is important to use big fonts because it easily attracts the user’s attention and they stay on the site for a long time.

  1. Poor design

A poor design leads to heavy bounce rate and fails to grab the attention. Therefore, it is necessary to use unique content with relatable images and videos. Furthermore, it is important to convey your business story on the home page.

  1. Hidden contact info

If you fail to provide your contact info on the web page, visitors will shift to your competitor’s site. Therefore, it is essential to place your contact info and make sure that is easily visible to the users. In this digital world, your web page acts as a business card so ensure that your business card has proper contact details.

  1. Responsive designs

Gone are the days when web was actually accessed only through the desktop computers. In this modern world, individuals use different devices to access web. So it is essential for the companies create responsive webs designs because a responsive website can easily adapt the size and fits on the screen.

  1. Outdated website

An outdated website creates a negative impression and visitors lose interest in your site. How can a visitor believe that you provide the best services when you have an outdated site and content? It is necessary to revamp your website by adding new content and images so that it can gain trust of your visitors.

  1. Sliders

Sliders do not provide any help rather it turns away the attention of the users. Users mostly miss the information present on sliders. For any information use still images as it clearly portrays the message.

  1. Call to action

Most of the companies fail to provide any call to action on their websites. Without any call to action how can you persuade your visitors to take action? Therefore, it is essential to use call to action button on the website.


Avoid these 7 deadly sins of web design and create an outstanding website that helps to generate traffic and convert leads into sales.

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