Should I learn C before learning C++?

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In this innovative IT world new programming languages are introduced and get obsolete, so there must be something unique in the ‘C’ programming language which has stayed almost 3 decades and even today there is no other language which can match its strength.

Some individuals might disagree and claim that C++ is much more advanced and can help developers more effectively than ‘C’ language. We can explain those individuals in simple terms that how could a tall building can stand still against time if its foundation is not strong.

Here are some reasons that show why you should learn C before C++.

  • No person can learn an advanced language before getting the basic concepts. To master C++ language one has to have complete knowledge on different components. C language helps you to build the foundation and provides adequate knowledge on the basic concepts that helps you stand on.
  • C is machine independent and extremely portable language
  • This language permits operation of ADDRESS, BYTES, and BITS and at hardware level.
  • It provides great library of roles.
  • C is the language on which C++ is based on. Other programming languages also share the similar concepts of C. So, individuals who are looking to master at other programming languages need to learn the concepts of C language first.
  • Different programming languages such as java, C# and C++ utilize object oriented programming. However these programs are still written in C.
  • Main components of UNIX, Linux and even windows are written in C. Thus, if you want an operating system or you want to create your own system still you need to have adequate knowledge on C.
  • Everyone must have played games on their computers. Most of games even today use C as their essential programming language. The major reason that all 3D games us C as their fundamental language because it helps to provide fast and quick command.
  • More importantly the C programming language is block structured. This feature helps to separate the code in different blocks which makes it easy to program and decreases the chances of errors.
    Even today, the C programming language is extensively used for creating different programs. Most of the programmers and developers prefer C because it provides extreme control and efficiency to them.


It is essential to learn C language before C++ because it helps an individual to build the basic concepts and foundation. In this dynamic world, it still has many added advantages and help programmers to get things done more easily.

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