Tips to improve Job Interview Performance

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Even the experienced and skilled individuals need to prepare before going for a job interview. You might be thinking why? Because interviewing is a learned skill and you will not get a second chance to make a good impression. Therefore here are some of the tips that help you to improve your job interview performance.

Focus on your nonverbal communication
Interview is all about showing your confidence and handling the tough situation very well. It is necessary to stand straight and make an eye contact with the interviewer and go for a firm handshake while leaving the room. Your nonverbal communication plays an essential role in a job interview.

Dress appropriately
When you are going for an interview make sure that you dress appropriately. Casual dress will not help you to get a job instead it will create a bad impression. Hence, it is necessary that you wear a formal dress and should be well groomed before appearing for an interview. If you are not sure what wear then call out the company and ask about the dress code of the company.

Listen More and Talk Less
One of the important aspects of the communication skill is that you have to listen more and talk less. So, it is imperative that you have to hear clearly what your interviewer is asking for. If you are not hearing properly, then you are losing an opportunity to land a job for yourself. Moreover, talking less helps you to remain focus on the questions asked. Speaking more than the question demands could be a fatal mistake. Prepare yourself before appearing for an interview by reading through the job description and match your skills with the position applied and stick only to the relevant information.

Use professional language
It is important that you should use appropriate language during the interview. Make sure that you don’t use any slang language or references to topics such as politics and religion. Using such critical topics will not help you to get a job rather it will create a bad impression on your part.

Carefully answer the questions
When an interviewer asks something about your skills and experience make sure that you answer the question with a suitable example. If you don’t provide an example of skills and experience, then you might lose an opportunity to land a job. So whenever you are asked about your abilities and skills it is necessary to answer them with a specific example as this will show your behavioral skills in the previous job.

Don’t look more desperate
Never ever say please hire me in an interview because this shows you are desperate and less confident. In an interview you must reflect three Cs i.e. confidence, cool and calm.

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