Basic Elements of Design

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Creating an attractive design is more than motivation or an extraordinary thought and is actually about knowing the basics of the subject. Though it is likely to invest years in studying the elements of design and the numerous varying takes on how to be effective at it, there are some of the fundamental components that each designer ought to know before undertaking any important project.

Here are some of the basic elements that every designer should know:


Line is actually the first and foremost element of design. In designing, a line is the linear mark of the pencil or brush or edge created to meet the two points in order to create a particular shape. It is also helpful to divide the space in equal parts to create creative patterns.


In designing, the most apparent element is color for the designer. It has the ability to stand alone, as a foundation in the background, or can easily be applied to different components. One excellent quality of color is that creates a mood and successfully describes the story of your brand. Each color has the different meaning and blending the right color can further create significant impressions.


Textures and shapes add more creativity to the designs. The three basic shapes in designing include:

  1. Geometric (Triangles, Squares, Circles etc.)
  2. Natural (leaves, trees, people etc.)
  3. Abstract (icons, stylizations and graphic representations)

Effective use of shapes helps to create a visually pleasing and interactive design.


It is mainly the vital element of any excellent graphic design. In graphic designing, the blank space is basically misinterpreted and is not used effectively. The area that is left blank is essential because it creates an entire different image. So, it is necessary to use the space effectively to create unique and innovative shapes.


Typography plays an important role in graphic and web design as it helps to attract large part of audiences. Moreover it demonstrates how serious you are about your business. Hence, words are more important but the creative style of using the words possesses great importance in designing.

Scale (Size)

Knowing the exact scaling and size of the fonts, shapes, or other elements makes the design more interesting and fascinating. Subtle differences in scaling is essential for designers to know as it helps them in creating professional designs and create great experiences for their potential customers.

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