Top Technical skills that will get you hired in 2016

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It should not come as a surprise to you that an academic degree alone is no more the first-class ticket to a decent profession that it once was. It absolutely helps, however the qualification on your degree are no more a surety of a great job. In reality, companies are looking more at valuable technical skills when making hiring decisions.
Here are some top technical skills that employers are looking for in individuals:

    1. Programming/Application Development

In the year 2016, IT companies are more likely to have job openings for developers and programmers than any other position. Programming surely tops the list of technical skills because it helps the companies to move forward with the pace of technology. Organizations are looking for developers and programmers who possess adequate experience to tackle the scale and complexity challenges of the industry.

    2. Web Designing and Development

In this digital era, it is essential for the companies to increase their online presence and for this reason most of the companies are employing web developers and designers to create unique websites for their business and brand. This career requires technical skills and professional experience in web designing and development. Many employers prefer web designers with work experience accompanied by a professional certificate from a reputed training institute.

    3. Data Security

With the advancement in technology, organizations are facing severe issues of theft of data. This threat has increased the concern of hiring individuals that are qualified enough to tackle the issues of data theft and create strong measures to secure the data and information of the organization successfully. Due to fierce competition in the industry safety measures and secured data helps the company to stand in the market and compete effectively. Hence, security is the top most priority of all the companies.

    4. Content Management System

Many companies are looking to customize their existing WordPress and Drupal websites in order to integrate it with the ecommerce products. So, it is essential for the companies to have professional and technical skills of content management system for the integration of ecommerce platforms.

    5. Networking

Networking is the foundation on which all the technologies are created and built. The web, security, collaboration, streaming of videos all comes under networking. A qualified networking professional ensure the productivity and helps the business to grow and flourish in the IT industry. Hence, many employers are in search of network engineers with proficient skills.

In addition to the technical skills employers also look for
According to the outcomes of various surveys conducted, it stated that employers along with the technical skills also look for:

  • Ability to work in teams
  • Decision making and problem solving
  • Planning, organizing and executing the task
  • Obtain and process information
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