10 things you need to know to become a Web Developer

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Whether you are just starting out as a Web developer or Web designer, there are some skills you need to know as it may help you to gain success in the digital industry.

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The following is a list of technical skills that you need to become a good web developer.

  1. HTML

It is the structure of all web pages. It is the essential language a developer should learn. A technical knowledge in HTML helps you to know the primary elements of the web page and makes you to develop a page with more usability and relevance.

  1. CSS

It is the CSS that provides a style to your website. A professional developer should know this skill as it helps to affect the entire mood and tone of a web page. Moreover, CSS allows your site to become more flexible and easily adapts to different screen size.

  1. A good JavaScript library

This programming language helps developers to design interactive sites. For instance, a JavaScript is in action when the pop-up screen appears on your screen or when a slide in call to action appears on the bottom right side of the screen.

  1. Basic SEO

Although your clients conduct keyword research but a developer should have a perfect strategy for targeting those keywords on the web page. This means they should have the ability to make good use of title, Meta, h1 and h2 tags on the front end along with solid link and directory organization structure on the back end.

  1. Image processing and optimization

Most of the developers depend on professional designers for design assets but it is essential for them to know their way around Photoshop. A strong understanding on image processing helps to optimize images according to the bandwidth.

  1. Web server Administration

A sound knowledge of web server administration helps developers to build a better site. It basically helps them to troubleshoot their scripts and programs.

  1. Caching

One of the major factors for a great user experience on the web is the speed. It is essential for developers to know how to design and implement an upright cache strategy because it helps to generate high amount of traffic for the web.

  1. Copyright and Cyber Law

For websites, it is most common to have infringement issues therefore it is imperative for developers to have at least basic knowledge of cyber law and copyright issues.

  1. Cross-browser debugging

It helps your website to work in all the major browsers. A good developer should know how to use these tools because these tools help them to understand how the front code and back code is performing their function.

  1. Version Control

Last but not least, a good web developer should know the effective use of version control. It helps them to create backup files of their work and keeps a record of the changes done in the directory content.

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