Which is better for graphic design: Illustrator or Photoshop?

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In this digital world, Photoshop has turned into an essential program for many designers. It was initially used as a tool for photographers to edit and develop their pictures and for some individuals it is the only use of the software. But, now Photoshop is much more than this because it includes a vast range of tools. However, illustrator was introduced earlier than Photoshop and was basically used for the typesetting and logos. Now a day, it is used as a tool by both digital artists and graphic designers to create various types of designs.

Illustrator vs Photoshp

Now the question arise that which is better for particular tasks and which is better overall? Clearly the answer will rely upon the particular circumstance. However, in this blog we have mentioned the broad overview of which tool works best in particular case.

For logo design

While both the softwares can create a logo design successfully, you have to consider the sustainability and uses of your logo. A logo should be created in such a way that it can easily be reshaped and resized on a broad range of materials.

Photoshop has pixilation issues and affects the quality when a bitmap graphic is resized whereas illustrator provides the graphic in vector format which means it can easily be reshaped and resized without affecting the quality. So, here the ultimate winner for logo design is Illustrator.

For web design

Typically, Photoshop is the principal choice for most of the professional designers to create webs design. However, illustrator can also be used to create web design but Photoshop is preferably the best program to create UI and different graphical components for your site.

We can’t simply rule out the benefits of illustrator here as it also plays a vital role in creating responsive websites a lot faster and easier but in comparison to illustrator the snapping feature in Photoshop is more detailed and precise. So, here the ultimate winner for web design is the Photoshop.

Hence, it has become evident that some designers prefer to use one program over another, nonetheless sometimes it’s best to use illustrator and Photoshop together. For instance, if you want to edit some text or you need to add a watermark it is better not to use Photoshop since it can distort the picture but if you use illustrator for this purpose it can provide the best result.

One is certainly not superior to the other; they have diverse functions. Understanding the essential differences between both the programs will help you decide about which software is suitable for your next task or project.

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