10 things you should know before selecting Graphic Designing as a career

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A profession as a graphic designer can be engaging in case you’re an innovative sort that likes to play around with content, pictures and layouts. In any case, graphic design includes more than simply great designing and an aesthetic style. Before committing your life to graphic design, consider these ten truths about this profession in real world. We ensure that these 10 facts will clear all your doubts.

  1. Graphic design is not an art

Like an artist, graphic designers are not allowed to craft the designs freely. Designers have to restrict their work boundaries on the specific brief. Colors, typography, readability are common factors that designers needs to take into account while making a brand symbol or crating the identity of a business. Above all, designers have to work on the needs and desires of the clients.

  1. They don’t become millionaires instantly

A professional designer earns a handsome amount in the industry. However, the young individuals who have just started will be paid less. So, it is necessary to create an outstanding portfolio and concentrate on your work. This might help you to become the top earners in the industry.

  1. Hours are not Flexible

If you have opted graphic designing as a profession so that you can land a job with a set daily schedule (i.e. 5pm) then it is essential to clear your myths. As a graphic designer it is important to know that you have to work in odd hours to meet the deadlines.

  1. Designers have to interact with people

It’s a false representation that designers don’t have to interact with the individuals. On the contrary, they have to continuously interact with the clients on the brief and needs to fulfill the needs of the client. Moreover, designers have to communicate with the marketing department, SEO professionals, developers and other employees.

  1. Business Knowledge is a Must

Suppose you have decided to work as a freelancer, it is essential to know how to market yourself and stand apart from the crowd. For this, one should have a thorough business sense. You have to deal with all your expenses incurred and manage the task with in the given budget and have to earn the suitable income to cover all the expenses.

  1. Skill Building Takes Time

Indeed, even in the wake of getting your graphic design degree and working with your initial clients, you’ll still just know the rudiments of what should be possible with your newly discovered ability set. The more jobs you undertake, your skills get polished and enhances your knowledge as a designer.

  1. Not anyone can be a graphic designer.

There is a random misconception about this field that any who knows how to use Photoshop will be a good graphic designer. However, one who knows how to handle a brush doesn’t make him a professional painter like Davinci. In the profession of graphic designing one has to know how to apply the theory, possess adequate knowledge and experience in this field.

  1. Learning never stops

A professional graphic designer never stops learning. This filed requires individuals who are more creative and possess different and innovative skills to handle the task. So, if you want to become a better designer then it is essential to stay updated with the current trends and techniques as it will help you to prosper in this field.

  1. You need to calculate

This creative field doesn’t require an individual who possess a degree in mathematics. However, it is necessary for individuals to have some knowledge of basic arithmetic because it helps you to calculate different lay-outs sizes and successfully create mock ups.

  1. Passion to work

Last but not least, it is necessary to have a passion to work in this field. Without having a passion you will lose interest to work in this field and will find it difficult to survive in this industry.

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