5 Tips to Write a Job-Winning Cover Letter

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In today’s volatile economy, it is even more challenging to demonstrate your skills to the potential recruiters. Selling your skills in a difficult economy requires a different approach than during a strong one. Job market has become more competitive and organizations want employees who have positive approach to tackle the business. Fierce competition in the job market doesn’t mean that you can’t find work, but, it is the responsibility of the individuals to understand what employers are looking for.

Individuals need to write a good cover letter because it is the letter that you send out to accompany your resume. It plays as an opening shot in your job hunt. So, follow these basic tips to write a good cover letter and get easily noticed.

Cover Letter

  1. Be precise

Employers usually have few seconds to go through your applications. So, it is necessary to keep it simple and short. It is ideal to write a half page or one page cover letter but it should not exceed more than that. Try to avoid using the clichés and narrate it with perfect pitch.

  1. Highlight Your Experience

Briefly describe your educational and professional background and link it to explain that you are the right candidate for the position. The main objective behind writing a cover letter is to persuade the potential employer to call you for an interview. Highlight the points of the job description and explain how you will perform to accomplish the tasks.

  1. Never rewrite your CV

A good cover letter is one that it provides the information about you that is not available in the CV. If there is any story related to your work experience which you think that it might interest your potential employer, this is the actual place to mention it. So, don’t try to just paraphrase your CV because it shows your unprofessional attitude towards the job.

  1. Portray yourself professionally

It is important to use professional words when writing a cover letter for any suitable position. Employers are always seeking individuals who are professionally strong and are competent enough to make a difference for the organization. Moreover, employers consider that the individuals who are immature and possess childish behavior are big risk to the company.

  1. Spell-check and Proofread

Before sending your cover letter make sure you spell check and proofread it twice. If possible ask other individuals to proofread it for you. This is essential because an error free cover letter will create a great impression in the eyes of the employer. So, don’t let a typo error ruin your image as an experienced professional.


It is imperative to follow these basic tips when writing a good cover letter because this will help you to promote yourself and you can get prompt interview calls from the employer.

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