Which type of CV is best for you?

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Most of the individuals think that the purpose of the CV is to get them a guaranteed job. However, the basic purpose of the CV is to make an employer interested enough to call you for an interview. But how can you impress the employer when you don’t even fit in the distinctive form? Just as humans come in different shapes and sizes, so do your CVs.

Best CV

Chronological CVs
This type of CV seems to be most popular format and is used most often. It basically contains a statement of your career summary and a chronological listing of all your academic qualifications, certification and past working experiences with all your employers along with related objectives achieved.

Chronological CVs are good for those individual who are experienced, however, if you are making a career switch, this type of CV will not help you in getting an invitation for a job interview. There is no enough space where you can explain that you skills are transferable according to the job.

Functional CVs
It is necessary to take some time to create a better functional CV. It basically points out the individuals abilities and skills rather than describing their history in a chronological order. However, it also requires a career summary but it is usually written at the bottom of your CV. There is no need to worry on your career summary because the employer gets impressed by seeing your skills and abilities that he doesn’t even look at the summary and simply calls you for an interview.

This type of CV is particularly important for those individual who have gaps in their working experience, are rejoining the work, have consistently switched jobs, and are looking to switch into new career options.

The Combined or Hybrid CVs
A combined or hybrid CV basically follows both the formats i.e. Chronological and Functional. This type of CV is slightly longer than the normal one. However, it successfully offers the best of both formats of CV and has become the most popular format to use in this present scenario.

This type of CV is perfect for those individuals who have strong career growth with many goals accomplished. Moreover, it helps you to sell your strengths along with your experience. But this type of format is not suitable for those individuals who have less experience and many employment gaps.

In a nut shell, we can say that all these formats are utilized to package yourself in a more professional way. You can provide the information to the employer in three improved ways and it bounds to get you more interview calls and enhances the chances of landing a perfect job that you needed.

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