5 Essential Ingredients of a Home Page

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Essential Ingredient Home Page

Whenever designing a website for the client, home page is one of the key pages that we focus on to make sure that we are introducing the business in an appropriate way. In this blog, we thought to talk through some essential ingredients of a home page and hopefully you can then make few changes to your own home page and enhance the user experience.

  1. Headline and sub-headline

Headline and sub-headline are the most important component of a home page. It is necessary to create a headline that attracts the attention of the users within 3 seconds. These headlines should tell the users what the website has to offer. So make it clear and simple for the visitors and avoid using jargon and technical words.

  1. Content Offer

A good content plays an important role in explaining what the company has to offer. A unique and creative content helps to generate more leads from your home page. It is important to add the content that is easy on words and simple to read.

  1. Primary call to actions

The basic purpose of a web page is to attract the attention of the visitors and persuade them to take further action. So it is necessary to create a home page that compels the users to dig deeper into the website and motivate them to move further down the tunnel. It is important to use 2-3 call to actions at various stages of purchasing cycle because this helps the visitors to take responsive action.

  1. Support with Images and Testimonials

Images and visuals play an effective role in attracting the attention of the visitors on the home page. It is essential to use images and visuals that clearly indicate what your website has to offer. Make sure that you use the images that easily capture the emotions of the visitors and say no to cheesy stock images. Social proof helps to build trust among the users. Therefore, it is necessary to add testimonials with picture. Adding these testimonials give more credibility to your website.

  1. Navigation

It is important to ensure that you create a simple navigation that is easily visible at the top of the home page. A clear and visible navigation helps to decrease the bounce rate and provides a clear path to into the website from the home page.

If you want to create a unique and attractive website for the users that generates more leads then it is important use these 5 essential ingredients of a home page.

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