10 Things to do after Job Interview

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Once you are done with the interview, you are bound to feel self-assured about the next steps. However, just because you have performed well in an interview, doesn’t mean that you should lose your momentum for a job search. You never know a lot can happen between the interview and the job offer.
There are lot of factors involved in between the interview and the job offer that you can’t control, even if you have performed well in an interview. A company might hire internal candidates for the same position or might select other candidate for the same position. The only feature you can control is what you do in between the interview and offer.

After Job Intew

Here are 10 things you should do after your job interview:

  1. Evaluate your performance

Once you are done with the interview you might put your job search on the shelf and get involve in your personal life. Instead of doing this you should take out some time and evaluate your performance about what went right or wrong during the interview. Note down your strength and weakness and make sure you never repeat in the future.

  1. Inform your references

In an interview the interviewer asks about references. After going through the interview process make sure you contact each individual and discuss with him/her with the applied position.

  1. Thank you notes

One of the most essential things that you should do after the job interview is that you should send a thank you note to the employer. Follow up after an interview is not an option but is an expected courtesy from your side.

  1. Engage the competition

It is important that you should not relax after your interview but must investigate the hiring company’s rival and check whether they have any job openings. Email them a cover letter highlighting your skills and accomplishments.

  1. Influence outside resources

Make sure that you never stop your networking. If you have some contacts in that particular office or you know anyone who can help to influence the decision in hiring, ask him/her to put a good image of you.

  1. Follow-up with a phone call or email

When an interviewer asks you to follow up by phone in a week, respect his/her words. Don’t call the next day of the interview about the progress. Doing this show you are desperate and create a bad impression.

  1. Think about whether you need this job

Most of the job seekers just accept the job offer without knowing that they are fit for the job. Before accepting the job offer it is necessary to decide that you really want work in that particular firm or the manager someone you would want to work for.

  1. Keep patience

Don’t get tensed if you don’t hear back from the company. The process of hiring usually takes time and it is necessary for the individuals to stay calm and wait for the process to complete.

  1. Don’t stop searching

It usually takes a good amount of time to search a job. So don’t stop searching after giving a single interview. You should continue your job search and look for potential offers.

  1. Accept rejection with grace

Don’t get disheartened if you are not hired for the position. Stay motivated and look for other opening positions. Accept the rejection and continue your search.

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