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This course is specially designed for individuals who have an innate talent to write. Gone are the days when students are forced to take up engineering or medicine as a profession. This generation is far more aware of the lesser known professions these days and is capable of analyzing the talent they possess. So for all those young talented individuals who have the knack for creative writing and are passionate about this profession, polish your skills by joining this course now.


There has always been very high demand for creative writers in ad agencies, media, and production houses, universities as content producers, journalists, scriptwriters, news editors, or instructors. This profession is full of opportunities to grow and excel if you have the talent within you.


This course is only for those who possess excellent English language skills. Individuals whose English is below average may first apply for the basic English language course.

Seats Available: We enrol a maximum of 21 students in one class, so hurry, limited seats available.


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